Sunday, November 8, 2009

Legal Notification

This is a post to inform;

California passed a law that allows for the Freedom of Health Care. It does a lot of things for Californians. It does have restrictions and one of those applies to me. It was passed sometime in 2003. A fact I just became aware of as I have been preparing to return to a holistic health business this year after having been on a sabatical since 2000.

Back in 1995, I acquired an N.D. credential from Clayton College of Natural Healing. I have removed any and all known references of my name and the N.D. credential. I am in conversation with Clayton College to assess an equivalent so as to put some recognition to the education recieved. Until then, I am using only the title reference of Traditonal Naturopath.

I have never claimed nor professed to be a medical doctor or associated with any of the legend drugs of the medical pharmaceutical industry.

Having been on a documented sabatical since 2000, there is record of NO income earned from any holistic health or naturopathic services.

Since I am returning to a holistic health practice after nine (9) years, let it be known that my clients are required to sign my statement of intent, privacy practices, and an emergency/payment agreement before any services are provided. All these documents are intented to clearly state what I provide and what I do not provide. A copy of all signed documents are provided to my clients and the originals are in my client files.

My primary holistic health service offering is Certified Kinesiology. It is Kinesiology Institute's program that features Touch for Health Kinesiology and Professional Kinesiology Practice of Bruce A J Dewe MD. I completed the Certified Kinesiology Programs I - IV and certification in 1999.

I am insured with the Associated Bodyworkers & Massage Professionals.
I am a member of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association.