Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Springtime Energy

Do you have seasonal lung or sinus infections with itchy, watery eyes and nose?
Do you have dark circles under your eyes that don't go away with sleep?
Are you taking over the counter drugs for allergies year after year?

There is a natural way to deal with seasonal allergies!

Strengthen: You will want to strengthen your body's ability to defend against those pesky spring pollens and grasses. I suggest you take Nature's Sunshine SUPER SUPPLEMENTAL. It is a full spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement that will feed your entire body so that it has more energy to function at optimum capacity.

Cleanse: When the pollens are heavy in the air, we breathe them into our respiratory systems where they can accumulate. I suggest nasal cleansing using a NETI POT with distilled water and sea salt which aids the body in releasing a build-up of pollen-laden mucous from the sinuses. Also, Nature's Sunshine ALJ neutralizes allergens by nutritional means while encouraging the body to gently cleanse itself. Both will soothe irritated tissues so that you can breathe easier.

Build: It is important to build the body's ability to control inflammation and defend against allergens. Nature's Sunshine HISTABlock does just that with added antioxidant support to strengthen the mast cells which are responsible for inflammation.

Eliminate: Adrenal weakness is a major cause of allergies so it is important to work on the root of the problem. I suggest Nature's Sunshine ADRENAL SUPPORT to provide targeted nutrition with the intent to eliminate your suffering this season and the next.

Go to my product website: to purchase the recommended Nature's Sunshine products. They are high quality products for your entire family.

For severe cases, call me on (530) 626-6789 for an appointment. I carry professional grade holistic medicines that can help with the more chronic conditions of seasonal allergies.

Take control this spring, start your natural approach and enjoy the season!