Thursday, December 3, 2009

Energy Changes

We all struggle to make changes in our lives. We worry, loose sleep, and daydream of possible directions or solutions to our purpose or problems. It is when we listen to those dreams, to the flash of knowing, that we are equipped to decide. To decide to take action towards making a change is comforting as well as, frightening.

The best part about directing our lives is that when the decision we make is and feels right. There is no doubt about it. It is a knowing that the change is of divine inspiration. We become energetic and somewhat fearless. We take that deep breath and move onto the "when and how" without doubt. The inspiration is likened to becoming the explorer on a quest, the quest of making the change happen with all the tools and equipment necessary.

As a part of our exploration, we might pencil a roadmap, a plan of how we "think" we can make our change happen. We become more aware of the turns and straight aways of our map as we start to implement our plan. We take that first turn on our plan and assess it. This is the time, I have noticed, of the little miracles of confirmation. The little miracles are those subtle "signs" that confirm this step is right, this is now. A personal example of a "sign" is when I was on my quest to find a place to lease, I was looking at many different locations and treatment rooms. The one I without a doubt knew was "IT" was when I was discussing the possiblity with the landlord, a previous client of mine was walking up the stairs only to be filled with JOY to see me. This was my "sign" to decide to lease at this location at this time.

In my experience, when the change or a decision regarding that change is right; divinely inspired, all the "signs" are easy, quick, and without struggle. The feeling is somewhat surreal and I am just floating into the right places, at the right time, with the right resources available. The spontaneous nature of divine inspiration is when my heaven is being created on earth.

The challenge with change is that sometimes we force it to happen. We doubt the change and may have gotten attached to what we want not necessarily what is needed. Change can and is scary because of who we may become in the process. What we might need to let go of or start doing can also boggle the mind. But, when the change is right, when it is divinely inspired, it is a fun, spontaneous, and a joyful experience. It brings about a renewed sense of self and worth. It is your energy in motion and that is unique and valued.

With the new year approaching, remember to reflect on the past year. Look at the things that are working well and the things/behavior that has brought the greatest challenges. Make a resolution to change; to bring about a new part of YOU becoming. Pray. Meditate. Dream. And then, decide.

I am available to assist you in manifesting change in your life that you direct. I will work with you to put more "energy" behind your inspiration. I have tools that can re-calibrate your energy by removing the blockages; electrical, emotional, spiritual, structural, or nutritional, that can be shadowing the "signs" to manifesting your change.

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