Friday, January 1, 2010

Energy 2010

Happy New Year! Cheers!

It seems to be a common practice to "think" about a New Year's resolution these days but not really make one. We all have a desire for things to be different from 2009, don't we?

If we are reluctant to make a resolution to loose weight, how about one to be successful in business? Or one to get organized? Any change should not overwhelm you like a goal to reduce credit card debt by $50,000 this year. How about a commitment to pay an additional $500 a month towards your credit card debt?

Keeping resolutions real can just about guarantee success. So when you are reflecting on 2009 and setting your direction for 2010, keep it doable, achievable and fun! Remember to tell someone or publish it on your social network. Having someone holding you accountable is a formula that will assure more success.

If you really desire to achieve your resolution, try BioFeedback. I have the tool, you just need to make the resolution and call for an appointment. It is added energy to not only meet your goal but exceed it. Make 2010 a positive year with the changes you desire! (especially since it started with a Blue Moon!)

PS If you call and make an appointment by January 16, 2010, I will discount your first appointment by 25%!