Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Greater Touch

I'm a frustrated holistic health practitioner that has much to share. It seems these economic times disallow being able to see clients in person. The expense out-of-pocket for non-medical and non-chemical alternatives, time off work for an appointment, travel expenses, and stress seems to distract us from taking the time to work on oneself. Hopefully, that will change but for now, I will blog so that my research, advice, recommendations, links to professional products, and referrals to other alternative practitioners can touch a greater audience and client base.

My overall plan is to publish my articles, research, products, and self-help techniques by body system type. I will also have features for life events and what one can do to help master the situation. A suggested reading list for general self-help education as well as, books on specific subject matter will continue to grow. I anticipate as my blog matures that the products and books will be linked so that there will be a discount for my clients.

It is my intent to offer the most "doable" self-help recommendations so that my readers and clients are successful in achieving their holistic health goals. Self-help techniques such as, emotional freedom tapping and kinesiology programs will educate as well as, empower my readers and clients with tools that can be used anywhere. Also, I will recommend and link not only professional products but ones that are available at health food stores or even the local grocery markets.

I will be offering L.I.F.E. system biofeedback sessions that enable my clients to make telephone appointments with me for a "remote" session. Energy biofeedback is a technology that assists in re-calibrating oneself by reducing stress and providing subtle energetic feedback. It is a proven technology that has documented results. These sessions will be for a fee and by appointment only.

All my advice, articles, research, recommendations, and private biofeedback sessions will be guided by six principles; First, do no harm. Healing power of nature. Find the cause. Treat the whole person. Practitioner as teacher. And, Prevention is the best cure. My readers and clients can be assured that these guiding principles will be the foundation for www.murphystouchhealt.blogsite.com.