Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Energy Touch

Have you ever just lost all momentum? The drive to move forward because every step you take seems to bring about yet another challenge. It adds to the bucket of challenges not yet dealt with and the weight of it just pulls you down. And, you get to the point of where getting out of bed in the morning is dreaded. How do you get enthusiasm back to get out of bed, plan your day, take action to empty the bucket?

I am sure in your life you have reached a daunting uphill climb as I have now. Circumstances are different but the effect the challenge has may be the same. It is by my own personal experience that I can best communicate and enlighten on the techniques that are effective so that I am taking those steps to reach the top. So....to share my process of gaining momentum and re-gaining enthusiasm, I allow you a snap shot of techniques that I use.

It seems that challenges usually present themselves with the individual response in a typical sequence of reactive, ego and then purposeful. All the while processing it through the mental mind, emotional mind, and then the conscious mind, respectively.

A note here: I've observed that there just might be a state of being before the typical sequence of reactive, ego and purposeful energy. The energy of the challenge needs to transfer into one's field of energy. You have to absorb it into yourself. Much like a batton passing in a relay race but from one mind to another. I wonder if here we would have our greatest defense; to shield ourselves from the energy of the challenge. Humm....more on that technique later.

Getting back to the normal sequence of response to a challenge, there is reaction. I have found that I have very little logic available to me at this point. (Reactive energy is usually a sensation of being personally attacked on some level.- fight or flight.) My imagination seems to get the better of ME. Maybe even some fear or anger too. This is the most physically detrimental stage because of the impact it has on my nervous system. It usually starts with a chain reaction of having a short fuse and mild tremors to wake me up to my state of reactive energy not just spiral- down thoughts.

Everyone will have their own triggers of physical sensation at this stage of energy. I have seen people hold their breath, flush with anger, snort, and even pass out. The gift you can give yourself is to confide in someone you can trust with your back and ask them to observe you to identify your reactions or pray to observe your own reactions for your self. Either way, the more you know about your reactions to challenges the more time you will have to choose differently.

My reactive responses are usually experienced by my most immediate loved ones. They present themselves as nit-pinickiness, being distracted, impatience and certainly many glowering looks. I have also noticed sometimes I shake with a pre-occupied demeanor. My reactive reverie has all but consumed me. Over the years and with some self control, I have learned to rely on a life-enhancing therapy;

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Flower Essence remedies work to address emotional health and mind-body well-being. They work through human energy fields and what more human is the reactive emotional state. The Nature's Sunshine Distress Remedy is one of the most universal combinations and one of the most effective to scale back the reactive mind. It comes in a liquid tincture. This simple and powerful vibrational tincture is more effective than any glass of wine or chemical perscription.

The transistion from being reactive to ego is subtle and often without notice until your thoughts are more consumed this time with not getting what you want. This state of energy can be synonymous with depression. It is typical that you crave foods and beverages that further deplete your vital energy. An attempt to make matters worse.

A technique I have found useful here is to do some acupressure tapping while stating an affirmation. I use the Emotional Freedom Technique. It was developed by Gary Craig and details can be found on his website; http://www.emofree.com/. He has designed a quick fix technique that covers several merdian points. In fact, he offers for free the first training session to provide you with many self help techniques. I am also offering his site without compensation. I use this technique and it is a gift we can share with each other.

On the backside of your hand between the little finger and the ring finger is a divet just past the first knuckles towards the wrist. Try and locate it now. The technique is to tap that particular acupressure point (TW3) and recite a positive statement out loud. My statement is one that Gary Craig developed. "In spite of this ____________, I deeply and completely love accept and respect myself." (The blank is for your unique situation. Examples are; "anger toward my parent", "can of worms with the neighbors", or "lack of control" that can be substituted.) Remember to breathe and tap as frequently as needed as one can flip flop in and out of ego. Do this for about three minutes, once or several times.

Most often when I tap and make my statement, I will shift to a more purposeful mode regarding the challenge. No longer is it taking my enthusiasm and wringing it dry. No longer am I dreading getting out of bed in the morning or after an exhaustive afternoon nap. I notice that I have a small trickle of ideas coming through on my mind's screen. I become aware of possible solutions to the opportunity (no longer a challenge). I usually have it become my muse so I can use it to come up with an even better solution than I might have had without the restraint. I notice it is no longer taking my vital energy down a well. Sometimes, I hum when I here. The burden has been casted upon the Christ within. And, I say a pray of gratitude.

I allow my mind to explore. I take notes. I start with a bubble in the middle of a piece of paper and jot down the original challenge. I "mind-bubble" my possible solutions to the challenge. I take deeper breathes. I pray for the right solution to become known. As it becomes known, I move with more enthusiasm. I thank God. I am grateful for the challenge because now I know I have grown.

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Be ready and ever on the alert for a personal assessment of your emotional energy; reactive, ego, or purposeful. Knowing where you are at any given moment will decide for you an effective therapy or tool to make the best out of your challenges in life. Remember that no matter what, God will never give you more than He knows you can handle. And, with the right tools and techniques, you can handle your challenges with more of His Grace.

Health through Peace,

Lisa Murphy, N.d., PKP, BT