Monday, October 26, 2009

Energy Space

Space is so important to ones sense of safety, privacy, freedom, and creativity. Without the proper space, it would be near impossible to experience empowerment. Positive space allows for growth, increased consciousness, and letting go of the memories that no longer serve us while setting goals to direct ones that will.

There are some spaces that seem to repel us immediately. It is as if one is pushed back from the negative energy as they are about to knock on the door. Have you ever been about to knock and became aware of your gut feeling not to and walk away? Run away? That is intuition guiding us not take that door; not to take that path. To move away quickly and possibly never go back. It is dark, cold, and feels dangerous.

Whereas, there are spaces that seem inviting; friendly but in reality and overtime they are like thieves in the night. The occupants of these spaces are in need; need of their own healing, need to let go of their past, need to control, and the need to move on. These false spaces fester and the more they resist their problems persist and can become ours if initially we trusted the thief. They think/feel everyone else is the reason for their problem. Their space collapses their energy and they try to take as many with them while they fall.

And then there are spaces that draw us there, compelled to not only knock on the door but open it expecting a welcome, a hug, an honest, forgiving other. It is a place one feels safe. It is a sanctuary. It pleases all the senses to experience the quiet of the moment. To take the deep breath and observe peace within and around them is comforting. It is a space of communion.

It is with the last definition that I have designed a space for your holistic health needs. An energy space that you are welcomed, hugged, and with a mutual respect that you and I have the courage to explore your path together for a brief moment. It is not about me; it is about you and us. For we are not alone in our journeys but drawn to each other when it is time to move through elements of life that need some re-direction; to restore wellness.

Space is the boundary that energy is contained within. With compassionate and loving energy, fear can be expelled and healing can be experienced. Having been guided by my ultimate energy definition of space, I am able to offer traditional naturopathy, kinesiology, and biofeedback programs with compassion.

Peace be with you.

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